re'new is a regeneration charity working with a range of people and communities.    Working to regenerate communities to ensure that everyone has the same chances in life wherever they live.     All our work is driven by a desire to help people realise their potential and create the best environment for them to do this.


The Beck set off for Camp Glasgow

re'new's Archway project, is through to the top 6 finalists of The People's Millions!

Our 'A place to call home' project will support homeless and vulnerable young people to feel safe, confident and gain the skills to work, live independently and build their own home.     We need your support and votes, to secure the prize on the night. Voting lines open at 9am on 25th November and we will keep you posted on the day of the number to call.

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Testimonials reviewing the different services of re'new:


Thanks to Southdale and Construction Yorkshire, I was able to get invaluable experience and look at what opportunities were available to be me once the placement ended

Emma – (6 month placement at Southdale)Construction Yorkshire

Before I started at re'new I had started to feel so lost and so far away from getting back into the working world. Then I came for my interview and by the end of the day I had been offered the job. I was so excited. Finally I could get back into the working world. Everyone was so helpful and so friendly, I felt like I'd worked at re'new for ages

Katie – Archway ProjectFuture Jobs Fund Placement with Construction Yorkshire


I used to be in trouble with the police, coming here stopped me from getting into trouble. If it wasn't for this place I would probably have been locked up

HelenThe Beck Project