About re'new

re’new is a regeneration charity working with disadvantaged neighbourhoods and communities across Leeds.
re’new comprises two companies; Renew Leeds Ltd, a charity and Renewal Leeds Ltd, its trading subsidiary.

Our Vision: working to regenerate communities

By regeneration we mean social, economic and environmental changes which enable communities to make the most of their lives and the areas in which they live.

People, Places, Partnerships

We link the concepts of developing a sense of place with realising the potential of people. We believe that given the right levels of support and encouragement, people can make positive differences to their own lives and environments.

People: supporting individuals to progress and achieve.
Places: developing the infrastructure and environment – places to live, places to meet.
Partnerships: creating the connections for effective community development.

Our History

re’new was established in 1989 (as Leeds Partnership Homes) by five local Housing Associations and Leeds City Council as the first and largest joint venture of its kind in the country. During this time, we:

Enabled 4000 homes to be developed providing 10,000 people with quality homes;
Attracted nearly £200m investment into Leeds;
Raised £14m from land sales and joint venture partnerships which was used for regeneration activity.

In 1996, we established our first charitable projects which continually evolve to meet needs.

What makes us unique?

We assist in regional development to influence planning and the opportunities for local people and have a major role in influencing and determining housing and regeneration strategy through Leeds Housing Forum.
We provide a wide range of innovative and flexible project based activities in deprived and local communities led by the private, public and third sectors.

The combination of strategy development and its practical application is unique. We aim to achieve a symbiotic relationship in all our activities so that our practical work on the ground influences our strategic approach and our strategic work develops our project based activities.


The Beck
re’new Employment Team
Construction & Housing Yorkshire

Through our projects and initiatives we:

Improve access to housing and support services;
Support children, young people and their families to develop the personal skills, motivation and competence to achieve their potential;
Improve employment levels;
Raise skills;
Create more housing provision for those who are most in need;
Act as a catalyst for change through innovative and demonstration projects.

re’new has a proven track record over many years, in the past 12 months alone we have:

Won six regional and two national Constructing Excellence Awards for best practice in the Built Environment;

Achieved progression rates of 100% with all of our 2012 leavers from our offsite education provision moving on to education, employment or training;

Supported 98% of young people we worked with to maintain independent living;

Ensured that 94% of young parents we worked with maintained independent living;

Worked on the Leeds Arena development, where we have created 84 jobs, supported 65 apprentices, delivered 190 weeks of much needed work experience and contracted with 108 businesses from the region;

Secured £10,000 for the pilot of a community led project in partnership as ‘Belle Isle Bright Ideas’;

Increased membership of the Leeds Housing Forum by 38% covering  a range of housing providers across the private, public and third sector;

Delivered 100% of contracted outcomes on major employment initiatives including Futures Jobs Fund.