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  • Archway: Working with young people aged 16-25

  • The Beck: Working with young people aged 13-19

  • Construction and Housing Yorkshire: Realising the Potential of the Built Environment.

  • re'new Employment team: Providing wide-ranging employment support

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re’new is a regeneration charity working with disadvantaged people and communities. Our Vision: Working to regenerate communities to ensure that everyone has the same chances in life wherever they live. All our work is driven by a desire to help people realise their potential and create the best environment for them to do this.


Be a part of it!

Be a part of it!

re'new goes international

Young people, aged 18 - 25 years old, have the opportunity to take part in an international seminar, in a six day long visit to Seville, Spain as part of the Be part of it! initiative. 

Be part of it! is a common initiative of non-governmental organisations from Spain, Italy and the UK, within the action 1.3 Youth Democracy Projects of the Youth in Action programme. 

The aim of the project is to promote active citizenship and participation of young people in an easy and attractive way, and to let them see the mechanisms of representative democracy as something close to their lives. In order to achieve so, a web platform has been created to provide information and resources about the functioning of the EU institutions.

24 young people and six youth workers will take part in the six day long seminar on 22 - 27 September, in Seville. Activities on the trip will offer young people a way of putting their knowledge and experience into practice.

How to participate

Aged between 18 and 25?
Resident in one of the partner countries? (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom)

Then you can take part in the Be part of it! project. Participants will be selected through a democratic procedure by young people themselves.

Visit the webpage: www.bepartofit.eu and follow the instructions, or for more information, please contact Adele Williams at The Beck, re'new - adele.williams@renewleeds.co.uk


The Beck produces 'Volunteer of the Year'

The Beck produces 'Volunteer of the Year'

Success for our superstar volunteer

Battling with dyslexia, Gabby Megson had always struggled with traditional methods of learning. Her confidence had suffered as a result and her natural leadership skills had become hidden from view.

It took a great deal of courage to volunteer at StreetGames’ project The Beck in east Leeds, but a year on, Gabby has blossomed into a young woman full of self-belief and on track to fulfil her ambition of working as a PE teacher. This week saw Gabby named The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteer of the year for Yorkshire and Humberside. 

While we recognised very early that Gabby had the ability, her natural shyness and humility meant that she found it difficult to believe people would take on board what she asked them to do. It was, however, those very qualities which made people warm to her.  Gabby threw herself into sessions and overcame her worries by giving it a go.

Her dyslexia is no longer an issue. The opportunity to be part of The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers programme has enabled her to learn in a functional way. Moreover, she has met other young people who have had the same struggles and are successful.

At The Beck, Gabby supports 13-19 year olds from East Leeds, one of the most deprived areas in England.  Gabby is lead volunteer at events and trips, which have included visits to the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Gabby also attends regular related training and courses and feeds back to staff and volunteers about her training.

The Beck project leader Ali Spaul put Gabby forward for the annual The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers Awards.

Ali said: “Gabby is bright, calm and kind.  She is an excellent role model and has an effortless ability to get on well with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Gabby challenges young people to make good decisions around health, aspirations and participating in sport in a non-judgemental way. 

“She came to The Beck as a shy young person.  She is now confident, inspiring and questions things in order to make improvements. Her ability to develop relationships in her new role as a leader has grown with her confidence.

Gabby was part of the programme that won The Beck the Sportivate Yorkshire Project of the Year 2012. In June 2013 she was named the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional winner in The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers Awards 2013.

Read the full story from Streetgames about Gabby:  http://www.streetgames.org/www/content/yorkshire-humberside-gabby-megson

Image: Gabby (pictured far right)

Vacancies at re'new

Exciting job opportunities with re'new

We are currently recruiting for two posts at The Beck and one at Construction and Housing Yorkshire. 

Teaching Assistant (term time only)
Offsite Education Tutor (maternity cover)
Senior Project Officer

Full details and application packs can be found on our vacancies page: http://renewleeds.co.uk/vacancies




Delivering the Green Deal

Delivering the Green Deal

Delivering the Green Deal

The Green Deal could be worth as much as £57 million to Leeds’ construction industry, businesses attending a meeting have heard.

The event organised by Construction & Housing Yorkshire (CHY) - a project of re'new - and attended by more than 135 representatives of firms from across the region – provided an update on the potential opportunities it could deliver for local individuals, as well as micro and SME businesses. 

Leeds City Region’s Green Deal initiative is due to commence in April 2014, and aims to carry out work on a minimum of 12,000 dwellings in its first three years, though at present there are not enough installers within the region to carry out this work.

The £80million Leeds City Region scheme is expected to create over 600 new jobs in this three year period, and support up to 24,000 direct and supply chain jobs over the coming 25 years. 

CHY has been contracted by the Leeds City Region team to devise the Social Strategy for this project.

CHY Director, Rob Wolfe, said: “We were very pleased by the attendance of the event and it clearly demonstrates that there is a real interest in this new initiative.

“The partnership involved, if working correctly, can provide a wealth of opportunities for local businesses and installers in the supply chain.

“The event was very honest about the risks of getting involved. Whilst  there is a large amount of work to be done, and we want to encourage involvement, obviously we can’t guarantee how these contracts will be distributed.

“In bringing the experts, including local businesses, together to discuss the project, we have learnt a great deal and now have more of an understanding of how all the individual elements will come together as a whole.

He added: “The project will save home-owners money, create and sustain local jobs and it reduces our environmental impact as a region and a country.

“We will continue to work on this project to ensure that the Leeds City region – a hugely important economic centre for the UK - is at the forefront of green, sustainable development.”

“Delivering the Green Deal”, which was run in conjunction with the Leeds City Region partnership, was held at Leeds’ White Rose Conference Centre.

To find out more about the Green Deal, please call a member of the CHY team on 0113 881 4810 or email construction-yorkshire@renewleeds.co.uk


Helping people on their pathway to construction

Helping people on their pathway to construction

Pathways to Construction

We have linked up with a local Leeds business, East End Park electrical contractors BCS Electrics, to provide rewarding work experience opportunities.

The first of these was with 19 year-old Brad Schofield from Wortley, who has just completed four weeks with BCS Electrics.

The work experience forms part of Pathways to Construction, a scheme for people aged over 16, living in Leeds, who are currently unemployed. The project covers three areas: a taster session at Leeds College of Building, employability skills training with re’new Employment team and work experience. Our Construction & Housing Yorkshire project runs the Pathways to Construction scheme with Leeds College of Building, re’new Employment Team and Interserve Working Futures.

Brad said: 

‘My time with BCS Electrics has been great and for the four weeks I’ve been working at Leeds General Infirmary, on a major scheme in the ‘voids’.

‘Derek Blackburn has been my teacher and he’s been fantastic. He’s an approved trainer and has been doing his job for more than 30 years. Derek has also shown me a number of drawings so I can wire up a light circuit known as a Chinese two way and another called an octopus. He is a fount of all knowledge.

‘I’ve loved my four weeks with BCS Electrics. My goal is to find an apprenticeship and go to college, and I think these four weeks will really help me. I’m now working with re’new to update my CV and now have my CSCS card.

BCS Electrics operations manager Dean Towers said:

‘At BCS Electrics we believe in giving people a chance. When we were contacted by Construction & Housing Yorkshire, asking if we would take on Brad under the Pathways to Construction scheme, we agreed.

‘We are undertaking a major contract at Leeds General Infirmary, and this is what Brad helped work on during his four weeks with us. Before he started with us he’d done his homework and looked us up on the internet. He’d done his research which was a very good start in our eyes.

‘He had to begin work at 7.30am every morning and he wasn’t late once. He was assigned to Derek Blackburn who, over the years, has trained just about the entire workforce, including me. It’s fair to say Derek isn’t easily impressed, but he was with Brad. I’ve not heard one bad comment about him. He’s been a really good lad.

‘Thanks to Brad he has opened the door for us to take on others under the scheme. We are more than happy to work with Construction Housing & Yorkshire again. This partnership is good for us, and good for those participating in it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Pathways to Construction scheme and how you can get involved, please call the CHY team on 0113 881 4810.