Member Services

Member Services

Membership with re'new's Construction & Housing Yorkshire provides access to a variety of up to date information services. Members can access the accumulated knowledge and expertise of staff across all re'new projects. We offer two membership packages (Associate and Principal) and a consultancy service. Full details can be found on 

The consultancy services on offer include:  

Assist with Pre Qualification Questionnaires and Tender Submissions
Answer questions on local employment, skills and training; local business engagement and supply chain initiatives and community consultation and youth inclusion

Develop, deliver and/or monitor Employment and Skills/Social Impact Plans
Devise and deliver Key Performance Indicators and Social Impact Plans and Deliver Key Performance Indicators and Social Impact Plans by

  • communicating opportunities to local stakeholders
  • working with the supply chain
  • coordinating work with local schools, colleges and communities
  • providing links to statutory organisations such as DWP
  • monitoring and reporting on all social activity
  • opportunities with partners across all sectors

Develop, deliver and/or monitor training initiatives
Working with local and national education and training providers to deliver courses and using our relationships with contractors to provide learners with valuable onsite work experience.

Local labour recruitment
Assistance with job adverts, circulating of vacancies to extensive networks and links with local education providers and residents seeking employment.

Local supplier engagement
Linking up local businesses to construction developments and introducing SMEs to principal contractors to create possibilities of work and supply chain involvement. 

Local housing market assessment, local labour market and demographic assessment and neighbourhood consultation
Undertake Local Housing Market Assessments (HMAs) to provide evidence to inform housing developments in regeneration areas across Leeds. The HMAs review data on housing market characteristics, housing supply and demand and demographic and socio economic data and identify positive and negative aspects to each area and issues to be addressed and identify potential interventions.

Bespoke research projects
We undertake a range of research projects, which in the past have included Student residences and housing market conditions in Inner North West Leeds, research into back to back housing in Yorkshire and a feasibility study of extra care housing for Older Irish People.