re'new's planning assessment skills commissioned by national house builder

Construction & Housing Yorkshire’s skill at producing detailed planning assessments for local authorities has led to us being commissioned by a national house builder.

Construction & Housing Yorkshire (CHY), a project of re'new, has completed a major housing market assessment report for Persimmon Homes, a member of a consortium which is seeking to develop land in east Leeds.

The 30-page report produced by the CHY team focused on a number of key topics, including existing properties, how affordable housing is  in the area, employment, environment, education, crime and demographics, and will be used to uniform the types of new-build houses to be provided the area.

Construction & Housing Yorkshire Consultant Huw Jones said:

‘Before any authority approves a major housing development it will seek a housing market assessment report. This is to determine what need there is and the types of homes the area is short of.

‘Over the last two years, we have carried out 13 such assessments for Leeds City Council, and understand it is on the back of the quality and depth of our findings that we were recommended to Persimmon.

‘This is our first private sector commission and I’m hopeful this will lead to further work not only from Persimmon, but from other developers too.

Mr Jones, a housing strategy expert, added:

‘In addition to looking at the big picture, our reports can drill down to individual streets. We look at the neighbouring areas, the types of houses, how much housing costs there and the people who live and work in them.

‘Our findings help shape future development and, more importantly, demonstrate particular needs, be it family units, accommodation for older people, housing for young couples or single person’s flats.

John Kirkham, Strategic Land Director at Persimmon Homes, said:

‘We are delighted with the document that the CHY team prepared for us. CHY was one of the organisations suggested by Leeds City Council and has provided an excellent report.

Further details about this work can be found by calling the team on 0113 881 4823.